About Scett

    In April 2004, School of Continuing  Education & Teacher Training (SCETT) was established by integrating School  of Continuing Education, Distance Learning Center, School of Higher  Professional and Technological Education and School of Teacher Training to be  acted as a joint administrative and educational institute to implement the  roles of adult higher education, networked education, teacher education and  training and other forms of continuing education.

    SCETT is committed  to education in accordance with the law and rigorous governance based on the  motto of “developed honesty、deliberative  Dusing(守正出新、慎思笃行)” to develop a feature of teacher continuing  education, a joint administrative of operating various educational business on higher  academic education, non-academic training and international education, an extension  platform of domestic cooperation, international cooperation, Public Welfare  Management, a new pattern of developing comprehensive quality assessment system  and efficient support service system. SCETT has more than 140,000 graduates  with the stable development of academic continuing education and trained nearly  50,000 people yearly for non-academic education.

    In September 9,  2014, President Xi Jinping visits Beijing Normal University and delivered an  important speech entitled "being a good teacher to satisfy the party and the  people" . In order to implement the spirit of the speech by President Xi  and push forward the continuing education and teacher training, SCETT builds  the goal of "bigger and stronger development for teachers’ continuing  education' and applies a series of important steps: In September 10, 2014,  SCETT establishes Chinese Good Teachers Development Center, Public Welfare Fund  of Chinese Good Teachers, Education training and construction base to customize  multi-curricula system for Chinese “Good Teachers” , create a new model of  public funds for Chinese good teachers and help them to make comprehensive and excellent  improvement.

    In September 16,  2014, with the support of Beijing Normal University, SCETT establishes the  Executive Development Programs (EDP) Center of BNU, which is focusing on the  implementation of various industries executives’ courses to create the distinguishing  feature BNU EDP projects in the areas of education, industries and enterprises,  psychology, public welfare and emerging markets in order to train better leaders  for the education industry in China. In December 17, 2014, the Principle of BNU  Dong Qi issues “Chinese Good Teachers” Action Plan, SCETT assumes the “Quality  Improvement” action plan for Chinese Teachers to create a comprehensive new model for  improving the teachers’ quality.

    SCETT develops all  types of academic continuing education steadily and expand the international  education actively. Beijing Normal University started to establish the higher  normal correspondence education from 1953, which was one of the three earliest  top universities who offered adult higher education in China, and 14 departments,  colleges and schools organized the adult education. Currently, the Adult Higher  Education is actively exploring the hybrid teaching model to promote quality  education resources sharing. BNU was one of the first pilot higher institutions  approved by the Ministry of Education, which fully implements modern distance  education. Accordingly, Networked Education School was established at BNU in  2000. With the recombination of SCETT in 2004, previous Networked Education  School of BNU has turned into the Department of Online Education representing a  crucial part of SCETT, whose more than 80 out-of-school learning centers  spreads across China’s 28 provinces/auto regions/municipalities. BNU’s  Self-taught Higher Education Examination Office that based in SCETT was mainly  responsible for integrated test organization of 13 public courses at Bachelor  and associate degree levels, and used to be continuously awarded with advanced  unit in the ‘National Self-taught Higher Education Examination’ and won the  first place in the  ‘Self-taught Higher  Education Examination of Beijing’. Targeting at sophisticated strategies of  brand strategy, win-win concept, crowd funding model and quality assurance,  SCETT vigorously expands creative and unique domains in international education  with the version of setting up professional benchmark, as well as enhances the  cooperation with domestic and international higher education and research  institutions. Specifically, SCETT runs international education programs  highlighting distinguished brands, such as Scottish Qualifications  Authority-Higher National Diploma (SQA-HND) and Cambridge International  A-Level/IGCSE Curriculum.

    In order to  fulfill essential roles of think tank, advisor and assistant, SCETT contributes  tremendously to the construction and support of the supporting  institutions/bases of MoE and cooperative learning organizations that  comprising College Faculty Training and Exchange Center (Beijing) of MoE, State  Teacher Qualification Accreditation Center of MoE, Universities’ Young Backbone  Teachers Training Secretariat, National Union of Networked Teacher Education,  National Teacher Training Plan of MoE Office (primary and middle schools  backbone teachers program and midwest program) and National Key Base for  Teacher Training in Vocational Education. SCETT’s endeavors receive a wide  range of praise and worship from departments of educational administration,  peer universities, and other related fields.

    After 10 years’  development, SCETT has obtained outstanding educational outcomes that enjoy a  sound reputation of being one of the first 50 development units of  ‘Demonstration Base for Higher Education Institutes’ Continuing Education’ and  develop ample curriculum resources including nearly 500 competitive online  courses. Moreover, in recent years, SCETT has been continuously awarded with  ‘China’s Most Influential Online Education School’, ‘China’s Most Renowned  Online Education School’, ‘Most Socially Responsibility Distance Learning  School’ and so forth. In accordance with President Xi’s important speech, SCETT  will open up a new perspective of teachers’ continuing education, create  teachers’ education and training mechanisms, play a key role in leadership and  demonstration, and strive for ‘better teachers, better education, better  future’.